Back From NYC…

I am back from NYC and in LA now. Had a doctor’s appointment today about my impending ACL surgery. I let my orthopedic surgeon know that I was being tested for cancer, and that when I find out what is going on with it I will let him know(and we can schedule the knee surgery from there).

I made an appointment for my Cystoscopy for next week. Now I just count the days down and wait to have it done. I talked to the doctor that will be doing it and he said I should know the results as soon as I wake up. That’s a relief, either way.

A couple of days have gone by now without the blood, and when that happens I am usually in a better mood. I am not getting my hopes up, as it tends to come back just when I think it’s done happening. But, I have felt pretty positive these past few days. It’s nice not to see.

It sucked leaving New York. All of my family, the most important people in my life, and a lot of my good friends live there. While in town I got to visit with so many friends and family, it was really nice. My family knows what is going on, and now some friends do. Not many people really read this, so friends don’t really know what’s going on(and nor should they, because if it is nothing then why worry them). I didn’t plan on telling most friends about my situation, but it came out to some of them. It is weird when people ask how you are doing and you have to think about telling them the truth or not. Truth is that I feel really good, BUT, there’s this whole other thing going on. I went situation by situation as to whether I said anything or not. For the most part I didn’t. It is just weird.

I keep thinking how this can be nothing, but it can be something as well. I thought about that a lot while in NY, and pretty much decided I would do whatever I wanted while I was there. I went out a lot, drank a lot, ate what I wanted, and just had a good time. If life changes next week then so be it, I had a great time. And I will deal with it how it comes. What can you do after all, right. I didn’t get to have any Chinese food while I was there, but I did eat a lot of pizza. And I weighed in this morning and am within a pound of the weight I was when I left. So not bad. I didn’t do so bad, all in all. I walked a lot while I was there.

Most importantly I got to see my beautiful little nieces while I was there. They really make me happy, and nothing matter when I am with them. They are the cutest little bundles of joy. I wish I lived closer so I could see them more. Here are a couple of photos from my trip.

Me and my niece Isabella

Me with my nieces Emelia(4 months) and Juliana

So anyway, I am about to get kicked out of Starbucks now, so I guess it is time to end this. Not sure if I will update again before my procedure, but maybe. Tomorrow I am going to see one of my favorite bands, Rusted Root. I was a huge fan and followed them around in college(20 years ago now). They never got really big, but one of their songs did, so they can continue to tour now. Lucky for me. When I see them I always feel good, as their music is very upbeat. It will be a good couple of hours to forget about everything going on and just feel good and be happy! I am very much looking forward to the show tomorrow. Music is very good for the soul.

That’s it for now. Take care everyone. More to come soon…

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